Around the World on a Motorcycle

We have all, at some point decided that in the future in our lives, we will travel the world. Some of us are thinking about it right now. While others might have already started saving up for the trip. Regardless of where you are on the planning, we all want to see what the world we live in looks like. There are obviously many challenges for everyone who wants to travel and live the life they’ve always pictured in their heads. For many of us, money poses an issue; while for others the fear of traveling alone to a complete unknown is what’s keeping them from taking the first step. Despite the challenges and a dream to see the see the world, there are a few who dare to achieve their dreams. This man from China took his BMW R1200GS around the world. Below is the video of his adventure. Feel free to comment your thoughts of his adventure down below.

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Canada [Banff & Jasper National Park]

If it is anywhere I would go to escape the everyday hustle and bustle to just ponder in nature, it’ll be here. If you’re still confused by what I mean, you can check out the video below.

You’re welcome!

Taming Alaska’s Deadly Dalton

If you are a travel freak just like me and if you enjoy the more rugged outdoors than touring a comfy city, you’re going to love this. Taken from the Motor Trend‘s YouTube Channel, this episode of Epic Drives takes you on an incredible ride to one of the physically challenged terrain in the North American Continent. Watch the video to find out what it feels like to drive in one of the dangerous roads in America.